Sky Contact Number: 0870 280 5597

Customer ServicesSky offers many popular home and business services, such as pay television, broadband & fibre internet, home phone, and more. The company offers these services as stand-alone, or as part of one of many different package deals (bundles). For those who would like more information about these options, calling the Sky contact number is advisable. Sky contact is also recommended for current customers who have questions about or need assistance with their current account or services.

Sky Contact Number
0870 280 5597

Sky Phone Numbers

Helpline UK Contact Number
Sky Customer Services 0870 280 5597
Sky TV 0870 280 5652
Sky Broadband 0870 280 5696
Sky Talk 0870 280 6357
Accounts & Billing 0870 280 6407
Complaints 0870 280 7800

Sky Contact Details

Name Sky Contact Number
Full Address Sky Head Office, Grant Way, Isleworth, TW7 5QD, U
Phone 0800 151 2747

As a major telecommunications provider, Sky contact options are many. Those who are considering ordering services can speak with an agent with regards to the available service options and rates. Often, special discounts are provided to new customers, and these may include lower rates for a period of time, free equipment, and other perks. Customers who would like to upgrade or downgrade their current services will need to speak with Sky customer service. The support department can also help with billing & payment matters and assist with troubleshooting via the Sky helpline.

The Sky customer services department can always be reached by phone, but customers do have the option of connecting with a support agent using other contact methods. These include email and social media. Before making contact, it is wise to select the proper topic that you wish to speak about. A few of the more popular options include:

  • Sky TV Services
  • Accounts & Billing
  • Technical Service Issues
  • Sky Broadband & Fibre Services
  • Sky Talk Phone Services
  • Service Transfers (Moving Home)
  • Sky iD
  • New Service & Cancellations
  • Service Complaints

Information regarding each of these can be found in the help section of the Sky website. The automated online help area provides lots of information, but those who have more specific questions may still wish to call the Sky telephone number as shown here to speak with an agent. Account changes, such as billing or service level changes may require that you speak directly with Sky customer services. Note that while email is an option, it will be necessary to complete the self-help steps before being provided with the option to submit an email.

Sky Service Options

Sky TV – Television service is offered and there are several different service options to choose from. Included in those are several package deals that bundle together different types of viewer preferences, such as sports, movies, and children’s programming. Recently, Sky Q, a home entertainment box has been added to the lineup. This device allows for recording programs and watching television within the home on various wireless connected devices. To enquire about Sky Q, dial the Sky telephone number as shown here.

The Sky customer services team can be relied upon to assist with any issues related to television services. This includes assistance with pin numbers and viewing cards. For those who have agreed to a contract term, changes to service may come at a price. For others, it may be possible to change service levels at any time within incurring fees or penalty costs. For more information, dial the Sky contact number and speak one-on-one with a member of the support team. For all problems that cannot be solved via phone, an in-home repair appointment can be scheduled.

Sky Broadband Service

Sky offers both standard broadband and faster, fibre internet connection service. At this time, the company does offer specials such as free service for a period of time when a contract period is agreed to. To learn about the current specials, including those that include Sky TV or Talk, dial the Sky phone number and talk directly with a support agent. The customer services team can explain all of the available options, along with rates and the terms and conditions surrounding each offer.

Sky does offer both capped and unlimited internet services. Capped or limited services are less costly, but they do place limits on the amount of internet data that can be used. Unlimited service is just that – unlimited. Internet services come with virus protection, a hub for connection, access to technical support, and easy connection to many of the Sky Wi-Fi access points. Line rental costs may apply, so it may be wise to contact Sky customer services to determine what these costs are before ordering new service.

Sky Talk Service

Sky Talk home phone service is available as a single or bundled service. Similar to the other services offered by the company, there are several different service level options to choose from. For example, there are service levels that are geared towards those who primarily make calls at night or on weekends and those that are geared towards those who prefer to make as many anytime calls as they wish. In addition, there are service options for those who plan to only make domestic calls and those who wish to make calls internationally. Sky customer service can explain all of the different rate plans.

Sky Business Services

Landline phone service is available to both individual and business customers. The other services mentioned above, such as television and internet, are also made available to business customers. Sky contact is recommended for business owners who are interested in the services and rates that are being provided by the company. Business support team members are qualified to discuss installation procedures, costs, contracts, and other matters pertaining to Sky services for business customers. For support for existing customers, dial the Sky helpline number.

Reporting Sky Service Problems

General information regarding area-wide service problems can be found on the Sky website. Customers who are experiencing an issue that is specific to their home or device are asked to call the Sky phone number to submit a problem report. In many cases, problems can be solved via phone by completing troubleshooting steps with a Sky customer service agent. In the event that a quick fix is not possible, the agent will assist in scheduling a repair appointment for a day and time that is convenient for you. To cancel or make changes to that appointment, dial the Sky contact number as shown here.

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