Nayeb Contact Number: 01273 204020

Customer ServicesPhone the Nayeb contact number by connecting with this number now 01273 204020 to open a discussion with the best Nayeb customer service faculty. You can talk with the staff at Nayeb during their standard working hours. As an alternative, you can contact Nayeb through written communication, the address is as follows: Nayeb, Planet House, 1, The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JE, East Sussex. Nayeb has a location in Hove and is in the business of providing Persian Restaurants to everyone who contacts them. To ask about Nayeb , grab your phone and dial the Nayeb phone number as you see it listed here: 01273 204020.

Nayeb Contact Number
01273 204020

Nayeb Contact Details

Name Nayeb Contact Number
Full Address Planet House, 1, The Drive, Hove, BN3 3JE, East Sussex
Phone 01273 204020
Website -

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